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“The life story of our beloved H.K. Wong has been long overdue, and what better person to tell it now is the son he always wanted to share his life with.  He was a man of all seasons to San Francisco’s Chinese community whose brilliant knack for news made the largest Chinatown in the U.S. knownContinue reading “Gerrye Wong”

Gerrye Wong

“H.K. Wong was a man about town and was involved in so many things that helped to develop San Francisco’s Chinatown and other Chinatowns in North America.  Wesley Wong’s biography of his multitalented father provides a glimpse into his life and some of his contributions.  Reading Mr. Chinatown reminded me of the events of my youth,Continue reading “Sue Fawn Chung, Ph.D.”

Sue Fawn Chung, Ph.D.

“H.K. Wong was the Super Engine propelling, promoting, premiering Chinese culture in cities, states, and nations. He was a worldwide public relations promoter, journalist, author, artist, and Miss Chinatown USA 1958 Marvelous Mentor!” -June Gong Chin (First Miss Chinatown USA, 1958)

June Gong Chin