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2 thoughts on “Comments: Mr. Chinatown

  1. I was always proud to call H.K. my father. Our children, Nathaniel and Allison, never had a chance to meet their grandfather H.K., as he had passed away many years before they were born. This book is an opportunity to bring my dad’s spirit and personality to life and to share some of his stories and accomplishments as a prominent businessman and civic leader in Chinatown and San Francisco, a legacy for which they can be proud of the grandfather they never met.

  2. The book is coming at a very fitting time. The anti-Asian backlash due in part to the Coronavirus pandemic originating from China is putting the Asian American community on edge. The book is scheduled to be published this month (May) during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The book puts a positive light on the contributions of Asian Americans on San Francisco, California, and American history.

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