Gerrye Wong

“The life story of our beloved H.K. Wong has been long overdue, and what better person to tell it now is the son he always wanted to share his life with.  He was a man of all seasons to San Francisco’s Chinese community whose brilliant knack for news made the largest Chinatown in the U.S. known to the rest of the world. In his quest to tell America what the immigrant population of Chinatown accomplished in the past century, he co-founded the Chinese Historical Society of America and was the liaison to bring artifacts from China to San Francisco’s public. To help bring better understanding of Chinese Americans, their culture, life styles and customs, he brought worldwide attention to his hometown community through his writings and marketing skills. H.K. had at least ten lifetimes of achievements like no others and deservedly earned the title “Mr. Chinatown” for all he did out of love for his heritage and his people.

Wesley’s story of his father’s life was a fitting homage to H.K.’s long list of dreams, desires, and achievements in his wonderful adventurous and fun-filled love of life. It tired me to read his list of accomplishments, but as his once fellow columnist of Chinese American life, inspired me to try to live up to one tiny bit of all he achieved in telling the American public about our proud Chinese American history. H.K’s engaging smile and salesmanship for all he believed in will never be forgotten, thanks to Wesley Wong’s tribute book.”

  • Gerrye Wong
    Co-founder, Chinese History & Cultural Project